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I've noticed a strange thing recently; I am happy at work.  That's an odd thing considering most people dislike their jobs, and I hear even more people complain about them.  I find that I was one of those people just several months into a new job, so I find myself looking for reasons for being happy at work now...

Well, for one, I was in a lot of pain for the entire spring/summer and into fall.  I had sugery on a major joint that changed all that.  I'm pain free now.  Although a little stiffness continues, I am pain free for the first time in months.  I'm sure that has something to do with it, but how would that change the way I feel about what I do?!

First of all, in this economy, anyone would be crazy if they weren't grateful for having steady work (and I have salaried employment - better if it was hourly, but tangential to the point).  As a middle aged man I realize that no matter how many times or from what angle, I know what I know, and it would be wise to work this into my life; either as a primary function or in another field (that I would have to learn from the ground up).

My choice seems to have been to embrace what I know, embrace my work, and embrace the life that it helps me create.  Mine might not be the rich, cozy lifestyle that some are used to, but it sure is better than a lot of good people in this country.  I have a warm, home in a good area, with my girlfriend, and we both have very nice, reliable cars to drive.  I would be an ass not to appreciate that fact; in fact, I thank God every day for it and pray for those who aren't as blessed as I am and for the way I feel about my life.

Of course, this is my second four-day weekend in a row due to the way the holidays fell this year. so it may be easier to say this now.  I just hope that I continue to embrace the fortune in my life rather than to focus on what it could or should be.  Sure, I think i'm worth more than I am being paid and I am certain that I am, but for some reason, I am happy with my life at work.  Great people, short commute, and pleasant work go a long way.

Who says that I can't just be happy as the average guy?!

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